Arsenal could sell Sanchez to Man City in January?

Arsenal could sell Sanchez to Man City in January?
The club is ready to sell Sanchez, but it is not clear how much money the player will get. The player is worth about 30 million euros. The club is also ready to buy him back, but the price is not high enough.
The main problem is the fact that the player is not interested in returning to the team. He wants to leave the club and go to another team. The team can buy him for about 20 million euros, but if the player wants to stay in the team, the price should be higher.
Manchester City is one of the main contenders for Sanchez’s transfer. The cost of the transfer is about 30-40 million euros and the player can be bought for about 30.

The transfer of Sanchez is very interesting for the fans, because the player has a good chance to become a main star of the team and will be able to make a good impact on the results of the club.
Main football scores of the day
The football scores are always interesting, because they can give a lot of information about the current events. The main football scores that can be found on the sports statistics website.
Football scores of today
The most popular football scores on the website are:
* matches of the teams from the Premier League;
* games of the clubs from the Championship;
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Who will be the main contender for the title of the champion of England?
The season 2018/19 was very successful for Manchester City. The Citizens won the champion title for the third time in a row. The previous two titles were won by the club in the previous two years.
However, the team is not the only one that is able to win the champion’s title. Liverpool is also very confident of winning the title. However, the Reds have a lot to do.
In the current season, the Merseysiders had a lot more difficulties than in previous ones. The following factors contributed to the failure of the Reds:
1. Lack of motivation. The players are not ready to play in the Champions League. They are not motivated enough to fight for the champion’s title.
2. Unstable lineup. The Merseysides have a number of players who are not able to play at 100%.
3. Poor game of the leaders.
4. Lackadaisical approach of the coach.
5. Injuries of the stars.
Liverpool has a number one priority for the upcoming season. The Reds need to strengthen the squad and get the best players for each position.
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What to expect from the Champions’ League next season?
In 2018/2019, the Champions’ League will be held. The tournament is one more step towards the European Cup. The draw of the draw will be made in the next few months.
This will be a great opportunity for the teams to show their best game. The Champions League is the most prestigious club tournament in the world. It is the main club tournament of the Old Continent.
At the same time, the draw of this tournament will be very important for the clubs. This is because the draw is a chance for the club to strengthen its lineup.
It is also a chance to get into the playoffs of the Champions Cup.
If the draw does not allow the clubs to strengthen their lineup, then they will have to play the Europa League.
Will the Champions and Europa League be held at the same tournament?
This is a very important question. The answer to this question will be given by the draw. The organizers of the tournament hope that the draw can be made at the end of the season.
There is a high probability that the Champions will be played at the Europa. The Europa League is a club tournament that is held once every two years, and it is the club tournament for the best European clubs.
Next season, many clubs will be in the Europa, so the draw for the Champions tournament will also be very interesting.
Fans can follow the Champions league draw on the official website of sports information.
How will the Champions cup draw look like?
Another important question is the Championscup draw. This draw will help the clubs decide on their lineup for the tournament.
One of the most popular clubs of the current tournament are: Liverpool, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Juventus, and so on and so forth.
Each of these clubs has a strong lineup. It can be seen that the clubs have a good lineup for each of the tournaments.
Now, the clubs are trying to strengthen each of their lines. This will be possible, because many clubs are in the current Champions League and Europa league.
Among the clubs that are not in the tournament, there are many that have a chance of getting into the draw, but they need to work on their lineups.
Thus, the next season, we can expect to see a lot interesting Champions and a lot less boring Europa.
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