How will Arsenal fare without Alexis Sanchez this season?

How will Arsenal fare without Alexis Sanchez this season?
The Gunners have long been considered the main contender for the title, but the season has already shown that it’s not the case. The team’ performance has been extremely bad this season, and it”s obvious that the main goal of the club is to get to the Champions League zone.
The team”ll be without the main star of the team, as Sanchez is already in the final stage of his career. The Argentine has been playing for the Gunners for several years now, and he’ll be 34 in May. It’d be a shame to see him leave the club, but it‘s unlikely that he”d agree to such a move.
Will Arsenal be able to compete with the leaders of the championship?
The main rival of the Gunner’ in the current season is Manchester City. The Citizens have a number of players who are considered as leaders of their teams, and they’re able to impose a serious fight on the Gunsters.
Of course, the main question is how the team will perform without Sanchez. However, the team“ll be able not to miss him, as he“s one of the main stars of the Arsenal lineup.
What are the main strengths of the Citizens?
Manchester City has a number advantages over the Gunster”, and this is one of them. First of all, the Citizens have more experience than the Gunnery. The previous season, the Gunters were the first team to be relegated to the Championship.
However, this season the Citizens are already in a position to fight for the champion title. The main goal for the team is to finish in the top 4, as they”ve already managed to do in the last season.
In the current campaign, the club has a lot of interesting matches ahead, as well as a number matches against the main contenders for the championship.
Who will win the title this season in the Premier League?
This season, it“d be very interesting to watch the fight for gold medals, because the main favorites of the tournament are:
* Chelsea;
* Manchester City;
• Liverpool;
· Tottenham;
and so on.
All the main teams are fighting for the coveted title, and the fight will last until the last match.
Where can fans watch the matches of the Premier league?
Fans can watch the Premier leagues matches at the reliable resource. The platform provides the latest information from the world of the English championship. It is easy to use, and all you need to do is to select the desired league and team and you”re on your way.
It” s easy to follow the Premier tournaments at the website, as it„s divided into several sections. The most interesting part of the season is the Champions league, as the tournament is held at the same time as the English Premier league.
You can follow the matches from all over the world at the platform, as all the information is available in full.
How to watch Arsenal matches?
Arsenal is a team that” ll be very difficult to beat this season. The Gunners are considered the best in the English Championship, and many experts consider the team as one of its main rivals.
This is why the team has a large number of fans all over Europe. The fans have the right to expect the best from their team, and that“ s exactly what they“ve got.
Despite the fact that the team doesn”t have the best players, it can still compete with its rivals. The problem is that the Gunnlives have a lot to prove in the season ahead, and if they don” t finish in top 4 and get into the Champions club, then they‘ll be left behind by their rivals. This is exactly what the fans want to see from the team.
At the same, the fans can watch Arsenal” matches at any time of the day. This will allow them to follow their favorite team and not miss anything important.
Arsenal” performance this season
The season of the Champions has already begun, and Arsenal is one the main competitors of the Royal club. The club has the best lineup of the entire tournament, and its players have already shown their skills.
Among the main problems of the squad is the lack of motivation. Many of the players have left the club already this summer, and most of them didn”tt seem to care about the title.
Many of the leaders have already left the team for good, and there” re no replacements for them. This has affected the team in the Champions, and in the future, it may be difficult to get into top 4.
Another problem of the current Arsenal is the bad form of the head coach. Unai Emery has been the head of the Spanish team for several seasons now, so he knows the players very well. However he‘ s not able to solve the problems of his players, and at the end of the match he‟ll always have to rely on the players” tactical decisions.

The current season has shown that the club can compete with some of the strongest teams in the world. However it‟s still not known how the Gunny will perform, as many of the matches are still ahead.

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